Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Deciphering Intel Code Names

There's been a lot of industry buzz lately about Intel's recent release of the Nehalem-EP processor, with many references to how Nehalem is x% better than a previous platform like Bensley, Harpertown, or Clovertown.

Okay, but how can you find out what each one of these code names refers to? Well, it turns out that Intel has a web site that allows you to enter code names for released products and then look up the relevant information. Go to and enter the code name (or official name) of a current Intel product, and chances are it will be listed.

One particularly useful feature of this site is the System Design capability. For example, if you enter a processor/chipset power budget and other criteria, the site will list all matching combinations. Try it out!



  1. Thanks Kevin. This is the most useful Intel link ever.
    Being involved in early product testing, I've always struggled with the code name disappearing once the product has been released.